The success of any project depends on how well it is executed, which is directly proportional to the skill and ability of the team in charge of it. The execution of a construction project constitutes much more than just materials and labour. It depends on the performance of the Managers and Team leaders and their speciality of guiding their workers to the best of their abilities.

Each step of a construction project undergoes a process of necessary protocols. PS Digitech-HR (India)Pvt.Ltd. have well over 200 years of cumulative experience in Engineering Design and Analysis under the Leadership of our Domain Heads and associated panel of Expert Consultants. We have successfully added our names as one of the leading work share solutions provider to the global Engineering Project Management & Design industry. Our approach to work is structured by not only investing in our capital but also by investing in our people.

Our solution is to provide Project Monitoring & Control (PMC) support and value-added design support solutions. These design solutions evolve from outsourcing of computer aided design (CAD) documentation, 3D modelling and Finite Element analysis (FEA) services to engineering firms.
We have three heads under which our services are executed :

(i) Project Monitoring & Control – Our Company offers Project Monitoring and Control support, to clients making sure that all efforts are consistently aligned with client requirements and meets the client’s expectations.

(iI) Engineering Design & Services – Includes Architectural, Civil, Structural and Mechanical Designs. Our team of highly experienced professionals and engineers with deep knowledge about each of these sectors and domains.

(iii) Institute of Project Management & Services – We believe that acquiring skills and actually putting those skills to use in the industry are two very scenarios. That is why IPPM ( Institute of Project Planning & Management) was created to provide an opportunity for qualified professionals to get hands-on training with the industry working ways.

PS DIGITECH-HR (India) Pvt. Ltd. is based in the city of Kolkata, India and is operationally headed by professionals with several years of experience in the Engineering Services KPO space. The team at PS DIGITECH-HR (India) Pvt. Ltd. is formed by a company of high-quality engineers with deep expertise in the Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture and Mechanical Engineering domains.

We are proud to present that our associate of expert professionals have been the reason as to why our company has successfully executed several high budgeted and prestigious government. We have also undertaken projects for large domestic companies and International Private Sector companies.

Our business model is highly Client-Centric and is focused on building Long-Term Partnerships with both Domestic as well as International clients. As we have been in this Industry for well over 2 decades, almost all possible ranges of projects have been handled by our management so far. Each of our client requirements have been looked after in the most comprehensive way possible considering the time and budget constraints that one may have.

We look forward to add you as one of Our Success Stories and become your Partner of Choice who’s in charge of fulfilling your Organization's Engineering Needs.

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