The foundational belief that PS Digitech-HR (India) Pvt Ltd holds is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies by undergoing professional training. This type of education includes practical lessons that relates to in-depth Engineering Studies and builds up Industry specific proficiency and awareness.

To provide an opportunity for students to acquire comprehensive advanced schooling after their initial qualifications, we have created a Training Institute under the brand name of Institute of Project Planning & Management (IPPM).

Here we offer World Class Training in the following modules :

Project Planning & Management – Principles and Methodologies of effectively executing a project. Understand how to efficiently build frameworks, manage a team with juniors and seniors, minimize risks and utilize resources. This module will cover the step by step process of each stage in project management and how to successfully plan and deliver the work taken within the decided timeframe.
CADD Solution Software - The world has moved on to digital and so have all Industries. Now Designs are made using Computer Aided Software’s and this module will cover that aspect. Learn how to make 3D designs using real world applications of tools and commands, draft a blueprint that chalks out a transition plan from concept of the project to the construction of the project.
Quality Control & Quality Assurance – After a project is completed one of the most important steps is providing QC (Quality Control) and QA (Quality Assurance). This module covers the difference between these two practices, why it is necessary to implement them and how to implement this proactive process.
Behavioural Management – A successful Engineer and Project Manager not only possess the skills and knowledge of concepts and machines but is also a good people manager. Running a project means dealing with different types of people at various stages of the work. This module covers the principles and techniques necessary for a person in a leadership position to maintain harmony, increase focus and persuasively handle difference of opinions.
To succeed in this ever- growing Industry one needs to have combination and expertise in the above mentioned sectors. IPPM aims at upgradation and updation of Industry know-how under the guidance of Industry Experts and Highly Qualified Professionals leading to both professional and personal development.

IPPM accentuates sustenance, upgradation and updation of skills therefore leading to both professional and personal development.

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